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Anita's Story 

Living Happily With Alopecia


In 2016 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. In January 2017 I had a total thyroidectomy. that was when I first noticed hair loss. I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata that same year. At first I was devastated! I grew up in the '80's with "big" hair. My hair was my identity. Then I realised that didn't have to change. In fact, I could change my "hair" to match my outfit on a daily basis. I decided to embrace my hair loss and have fun with it. I love that I can change styles, length and colour whenever I like. I now own over 50 personal wigs. Every day it's on with my lippy & my hair and I'm ready for whatever comes my way!


For years when I went to buy a wig, I found the service impersonal and I'd be stuck with the same hairstyle and colour every day. Then there was the cost! Who could afford more than 1 wig when the cost was in the 100's of dollars? Then I discovered synthetic wigs. So many colours, styles and lengths - I was in my element. 

I realised that so many ladies deal with this every day as well. There is no better feeling than knowing I get to meet and help new people to deal with their hair loss and hopefully feel a little bit better about themselves at a reasonable cost.

No more bad hair days!


What a difference a wig makes!

So now many customers come to me anxious - but after a cuppa & a chat we choose some wigs and they can try, touch, feel and choose what makes them happy.  No pressure - and if I don't have what you want that's ok. I can try source something for you or you can try elsewhere, that's ok!

Thank you for reading my story. I'd love to hear from you...just call:

Anita " the Wig Lady", on 0430 024 414 or email have a great day, & take care :)

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I deal with this every day too

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