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WIGS 4 U PERTH is a passion, not a business for Anita. 
She finds pleasure in hearing from her happy customers :)

Jade Fowler   Jun 21, 2018

So today I got to experience something really amazing, thanks to a few different things all coming together.... Stemming from participating in the worlds greatest shave. I went today to an appointment to purchase a wig for a fancy celebration I’m going to on Saturday night. Firstly, I didn’t realise that real hair wigs usually cost in the thousands... so synthetic was the choice made for me.. Secondly, it’s wonderful to have an amazing, supportive and HONEST friend, thank you for your opinions and help today Naomi. Thirdly, and the most importantly; I had a tiny little taste of the emotions that someone with alopecia or cancer must feel when they get to buy a wig... I didn’t realise until today that my femininity and feeling pretty was tied in with twirling, playing with or looking at my hair when it’s a really nice style or colour... when I put this blonde wig on, I got teary because I felt pretty for the first time in months! Don’t get me wrong, I love my funky spikes but I also love looking like a lady... and when I tried on the wig that I eventually chose, I was overwhelmed with a myriad of feelings, It really clicked in that hair (or the lack of) can effect so many other thoughts or feelings aside from “the look” of it... WOW. I’m so happy and grateful for the experience, thank you so much Leslie for your kindness, allowing me in to your world and dispensing such vast knowledge (and for your wonderful squishy hugs!).

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